Thursday, June 25, 2009

you will always be remembered...

thank you for the wonderful music you've created.
thank you for the music that we dance to.
thank you for changing the music world.
thank you for revolutionizing dancing.
thank you for changing our lives.
thank you for being Michael Jackson....



"autobots, roll out!". that's what i did when the movie came out in theaters. i was very excited and on cloud nine. good movie. too lazy to write about the movie but all i can say is you gotta see it more than once and in IMAX. i heard that there are some deleted scenes that can only be scene in IMAX and not in regular theater. more robots and more action. more megan fox.

new robots:
-skid and mudflap (autobots)
-sideswipe (autobots)
-arcee (female autobots)
-jetfire (decepticons/autobots)
-the fallen (decepticons)
-devastator, also known as constructicons (decepticons)
-soundwave (deceticons)

eye candy:


life changing opportunities

in about, oh let's say at 4 pm pacific time, some 18-22 years old phenoms are about to be a millionaire. you know what im talking about, the NBA DRAFT 2009. yes it here and it's about to discombobulate the NBA world. with the Lakers winning the championship this season, NBA teams are quite hungry for that championship. teams are making moves to make their squad lethal and dominant. some teams are rebuilding and making moves to get the best player in the draft. we know the first pick will be playing in Staple Center this year, the Los Angeles Clippers. Blake Griffin from oklahoma state is a highly fluid and coordinated power forward with great strength and body control. he can create his shot impressively facing the basket and has no problem playing inside. explosive finishing around the rim. dominated the college basketball in impressive fashion and is considered the number one pick. very entertaining and plays like Amare Stoudemire.

some notable:
-Hasheem Thabeet, a 7-3 big man from UCONN, with outstanding physical tools, good frame and wingspan. he's also a mobile center who can run the court.
-Ricky Rubio, the most hype point guard from Spain. the kid is only 18 with the skills of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli. runs a team with savvy point guard skills, outstanding court vision, and really understand the nuances of the pick and roll.
- Stephen Curry. the son of del curry. 6-3 point guard from Davidson. incredible shooter/ scorer, likes to explode to the court. the only player i think thats ready to play in the NBA.
-Brandon Jennings. 6-1 point guard from Lottomatica Roma. a flamboyant and talented point guard who skipped college and decided to play in Europe to get that mula. very athletic with a wide array of moves.
-Jeff Teague. late bloomer from Wake Forest. another point guard that has an instinct like monta ellis. aggresive and confident player. has a great tools defensively.
-Johnny Flynn. another point guard from Syracuse. very clutch, unselfish, fast tempo, dedicated player. excellent ball handling skills. played numerous minutes during the NCAA tournament.

-Terrence Williams (SG Louisville. Trevor Ariza type of player)
-Eric Maynor (PG VCU. Derek Fisher type of player)
-Sam Young (SF Pittsburgh. Joey Graham type of player)
-DeJuan Blair (PF Pittsburgh. Elton Brand type of player)

their lives are about to change once their name is called by the NBA commissioner, David Stern. with the rookie contracts and guaranteed money if drafted in the first round. also, lets not forget about the endorsement from Nike, Addidas, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Converse, etc. that they make "x" more amount of millions. geesh. i wished i played ball during high school. oh wait, i'm short and i got cut and played golf instead. it's alright. at least i was top two in my squad and all city during 2004.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why summer is getting hotter and hotter...

as hours turn into days, we're so close to june 24 2009. though it's not my actual birthday, but it will sure feels like it when june 24 is here. im talking about Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen comes to theaters and IMAX. anyone else feels excited? am i the only one? im sure im not the only one out there who's very excited. yes there will be more autobots and decepticons robots and more bang for your buck, but we actually see the talented megan fox in action. sure i've seen "Transformers" and "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" a million times. i mean come on, she's beautiful and talented. since the movie is around the corner, megan fox is hitting the front page of a magazines. for example, she on the cover of "Esquire" and "Elle" magazine. the articles were up to par. the pictures are exquisite. gosh what would i do if i ever meet her? ha ha. i would just take a picture with her and make that moment into a memory. cheesy. what can i say, she's a diamond in a rough. since transformers originated from japan, japan actually got to see the film first. so who's down to watch it with me at arclight in hollywood on tuesday, june 23? im paying and you pay for popcorn and soda pop. till then, "autobots, transform!"


Monday, June 1, 2009


picture explains it all
Lets go Lakers. Lets win that championship.