Tuesday, September 15, 2009

loneliness is underrated...

(500) Days of Summer. what a great movie. good cast and story. music is phenomenally amazing. very soothing to your ears and the soundtrack to my life. i can relate to this movie, especially when Summer is acting "indifferent" to Tom. and yes, i do know what indifferent means. this movie is not about a love story, but a story about love..


Monday, September 14, 2009

Outrageous Moment...

as i wait for the performances and megan fox, something amazing happened at the VMA's.
when the michael jackson tribute just finished, i was thinking to myself "what can beat that moment?"
little did we know, kanye west just answered my prayers. kanye west made an unsuspected appearance and interrupted taylor swift's acceptance speech when she won the female video of the year. yeezy said that "Beyonce have one of the best videos of ALL TIME.!" an mtv representer said that kanye west was under the influence of Hennessy. we all know that wasn't the only kanye's outburst moment. he also interrupted Simian and Justice' acceptance speech during the European Video Awards. i guess kanye west likes all the attention. before the incident, we know little amount of taylor swift. but now, kanye west just made taylor swift 1000 times more popular. taylor swift should thank him for that matter. at the end, kanye west apologize via twitter. kanye will apologize to taylor swift the next day. good stuff...

also, green day called out mtv to play more music videos. nicely done.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

good music...

man im a fan of great music. so far my playlist is just kid cudi, mgmt, and jay z's blueprint 3 album
his benefit show on 9/11 is very promising. everyone should watch it and be mesmerize.
kid cudi's performance on david letterman is on point. good song and very creative, well his hand gestures was.

enjoi this videos and you'll thank me.


Kid Cudi-Pursuit of Happiness

Jay Z- Empire State of Mind

Friday, September 4, 2009


before everyone cops kid cudi's album and they become mainstream, ladies and gentlemen, MGMT.
one of the best bands thats out there right now. enjoi. thanks chloe for introducing me with this band.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Green Ranger is back....

thats right people. the green ranger is back. well not actually back in our favorite saturday morning tv show, power rangers. but, he's back and ready to fight in the octagon. Jason David Frank, who was once a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, is now trying to use his super powers to turn into a mixed martial artist. Frank may just turn into a great fighter, though it's doubtful considering that he is 35 and worried about signing a management team before trying to schedule a fight. But this just furthers the notion that MMA is a fad, and can be used as a publicity stunt for someone with a flailing career. Considering that Frank's last acting job was a 2007 direct-to-video film called, "The Junior Defenders," he clearly needs a career boost.
doesn't everyone need a career boost?


Ron Artest Singing...

as you know that Ron Artest in the newest Los Angeles Laker. While Artest holding down contest via twitter, he ended up singing Celine Dion on camera, via karaoke at a random Filipino household. as we all know how all Filipino's are exuberant with there karaoke skills. how did this come up you might ask. well, Ron Artest had a contest during friday, saturday, and sunday. whoever comes up with the most intersting thing to do, he will come visit them anywhere there are at. and the winner is....


(check this out. since it cant be post on other website, i gave out the link. copy and paste.)
hope you enjoi.

fyi, mila kunis looks amazing on "the tonight show with Conan O'Brien"
(since the new episode is not on youtube yet, i posted another one from Jimmy Kimmel. WOW..!)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leighton Meester...

why am i so obsessed with her? is it because of Gossip Girls? or is it that song she was in with Cobra Starship?
maybe thats it. that song, "Good Girls Gone Bad", is pretty catchy. just listen to it and you'll get hooked. i didnt even know Leighton Meester knows how to sing. i heard that she was going to release an album, but i didn't even know she know how to sing that good. she's a singer and beautiful. what a deadly combo. this song is sorta a scene song or hipster song or kiis fm song. just listen to it.



as the time flies, im almost done with my school work. with that said, internship is on the way. i've been doing intern my internship at Modern Health Pharmacy in Monrovia. decent pharmacy. it has a hospital feeling vibe. my trainer, who's showing me the pharmacy tech ropes, is pretty chill and helpful. during the first day i was nervous and scared. i didnt know shit when i came in there. as minutes turned into hours, i was getting the jizz of it. i was still asking questions, which was okay. i rather ask questions rather give out wrong medicine and get blood in my hand. ha ha. anyways, we all know a lot of women work in the health field. but damn, i didnt know they were that fine. im glad im working there 5 days a week. you know what that means? yes! i get to see them the whole week. =P