Monday, September 14, 2009

Outrageous Moment...

as i wait for the performances and megan fox, something amazing happened at the VMA's.
when the michael jackson tribute just finished, i was thinking to myself "what can beat that moment?"
little did we know, kanye west just answered my prayers. kanye west made an unsuspected appearance and interrupted taylor swift's acceptance speech when she won the female video of the year. yeezy said that "Beyonce have one of the best videos of ALL TIME.!" an mtv representer said that kanye west was under the influence of Hennessy. we all know that wasn't the only kanye's outburst moment. he also interrupted Simian and Justice' acceptance speech during the European Video Awards. i guess kanye west likes all the attention. before the incident, we know little amount of taylor swift. but now, kanye west just made taylor swift 1000 times more popular. taylor swift should thank him for that matter. at the end, kanye west apologize via twitter. kanye will apologize to taylor swift the next day. good stuff...

also, green day called out mtv to play more music videos. nicely done.


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