Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh What...!

we saw the official movie poster. and now, behold, the official Iron Man 2 trailer..
i wonder who's the other guy at the end of the trailer.? =p


and that's how the cookie crumble..

that's wet..!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Picture of the Night...

totally unacceptable...

this shits on Ed Hardy and Von Duch combined


Sunday, December 6, 2009

MVPuppets Return

Beginning the latest Basketball season arguing over who would win in a fight between a lion and a black mamba? The Most Valuable (MV) Puppets, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are back again for another season. Here’s a look at the first of what I’m sure will amount to a mountain of Nike Sponsored short comedy videos. Personally my money is on the snake.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Iron Man 2...

the most anticipated marvel hero is back on May 7, 2010. here is the first official movie poster. starring Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Gwyneth Paltrow, and OLIVIA MUNN...! enjoi geeks.


The New Trend for 2010..!

we had the flat top. we had the fade. we had the mohawk. and next year, this will sweep the nation. ha ha ha ha


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Question of the Day...

help this girl out. i saw this and made me laugh..


We Were Once A Fairy Tale

a movie directed by Spike Jonze (also directed Where The Wild Things Are). this is kanye west's debut in a mini movie.
i watched it and was confused for a bit. watch it and what's your take with the movie?



Today, December 1st, is Worlds AIDS day. Do your part and JoinRED.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Life Size Color Pencils...

very creative..


The Carter Documentary

lil wayne is finally making a movie. well sort of. it's a documentary. the movie will not be out in theaters, but it will be out on dvd around christmas time. it will be a good christmas present to all the hip hip heads or lil wayne fanatics. this movie delivers hard.

here's a trailer:

click here for the full movie. press play and enjoy.

New Music

new music is always a good thing. new music thats not out on the radio is always great. here we go

-30 seconds to mars feat. kanye west- hurricane


your welcome...


Sunday, November 29, 2009

WISHLIST 2009...

- Converse SKATEBOARDING SHOES sz 8 (silver or black. available at transport)
- NBA 2k10 OR Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for xbox360 (used or new)
- Gift Card at Best Buy or Target.
- Breakfast with Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb, Lunch with Amber Heard, and Dinner & movie with Megan Fox

for potluck..providing the venue and plates and utensils

- Quick charge kit for Xbox 360
- Vans Chucka Lows (black or burgundy. sz 9)
- Over Dyed Stripe Fleece Hoody from American Apparel (sz medium. color "potted soil")

for potluck..chips and dips and lumpia shanghai.

- tri blend shirts (M)
-Standing bike pump with guage
-"knog" headlight and rear lights
-watch (any brand)
-Nursing Med Book 2010
-nba 2k10 for ps3 (used is fine)

-Walmart shoeS (1 slip-on and 1 black w/ straps).
-boxes and boxes of 5-Gum (rain or cobalt)
-Apple Magic Mouse (i will lovee you if you get this) :]

potluck..zankou chicken (spell check) and 6 boxes of pizza pie (requesting toppings)

-blue mickey mouse coffee mug with this on picture of mickey on it (can be found @ the disneyland shop) >>>
-white or black hightop pro-keds sz 9.5 (surprise me! found @ undefeated) >>>
-white, black, or red wesc headphones
-the perfect pull-up (or any pullup bar you can install on a doorway)

- Dark red zip up hoodie from American Apparel XS
- Gift card to sephora
- Barnes and noble gift card

1. anything you can imagine...i aint picky..
2. whatever you wanna give me
3. seriously anything will be nice
nothing stupid because im going to have to bring this present back in the plane thanks peoples.

MAtt the SHAT:
-gift cards to target or buffalo wild wings
-zig zag shoes.......zig zag shoes can be found at silverlake military surplus store sz 8 yee preferably the navy ones or burgundy hollaatchaonepinoyyyy

-laker tickets
-hair clippers
-sweater or hoodie xxxl

for potluck...fried chiken or beef broccoli or orange chicken from ok chinese

-Autographed picture of Dolphi or Oleksiy Pecherov
-Gift Card : Target,Urban Outfitters,Best Buy
-DVD's : any new movie will do, I definitely wont have it
-Laker Jersey : Kobe Home Sz Med
-Black Basketball shorts
-Nike Socks
Anything will do, it doesnt have to be on the list.Im good with a cuddle.

potluck: honey baked ham with mashed potatoes and corn.

2)best buy
4)urban outfitters
5)any great blu ray movie

-bottle of crown royal
-american apparel clothings (m shirt 29 pant)
-a cool scarf!


1. Visa/MC/Amex Giftcard
2. Nike Pacquiao shirt L
3. Nike Flip Flops..nice comfortable ones
4. The Office season 1-3

1. giftcard F21 or Victoria Secret
2. zip up hoodie purple or grey sz smal
3. leggings (not black) sz small

potluck: lasagna with garlic bread and red and white wine....

-Flats from steve madden called tuxxedo, size 5.5, color kookie
-Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10, color: Honey Beige 040
-if all fails Sephora giftcard :P
-booties from steve madden called carlinn in black size 5.5

potluck: chow mein

Kris Garcia"
1. nba 2k10 for ps3
2. modern warfare 2 for ps3
3. any harry potters on blu-ray
4. medical clipboard with nursing cheatsheet
5. NCLEX review book
6. bowling ball
7. dvd on how to do poker chip tricks

christine (garcia):
1. 2010 planner/calendar (only paperchase brand)
2. pajama pants (no pink or yellow, preferably solid or striped)size M
3. gift cards: XXI, urban outfitters, sephora

Geela Sarah:
1. Sony ACS-5220E AC Charger for Reader Digital Book
2. Sony PRS-ACL1 Reader Digital Book Cover with Light
3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD
4. ALDO!!, Sephora, Walmart, Barnes and Noble or Visa/Amex/MC Giftcard
5. House - Season 5 DVD

potluck: alcohol.?

1.Chukka Boot in peacoat blue, or black, or any color u think will look good. size 8 1/2 or 8
2. 12 month xboxlive card... there cheap on amazon
3. Francoo tan leather shoes from steve madden
4. gift cards to h&m, vans, urban
5. Harley Davidson iron 883 black if you have $7,999 to spare

1. giftcards: forever 21
2. toms(s5) any color
3. burton snowboard boots (s5.5)
4. sex and the city the entire series
5. canon digital camera

potluck: chips and dips plus beverage

jesse. cards to h&m,active,valsurf,target,petco,walmart.
2.desktop aquarium (1.5g-2.5g)
3.vans (era) size 8.5
4.asian hyna.

potluck:thai tea

-giftcards: sephora, victorias secret, forever21, and nordstrom
-Wii games: new mario bros game & beatles rockband
-cute, purple blackberry bold case

-doug season 1&2 on dvd

Christine (ej's girlfriend):
-DICEY rain boots by Dirty Laundry from macy's (color black at macy's)
-new super mario brothers for Wii (the one with multiple players at the sametime)
-warm and fuzzy house slippers with rubber on the bottom
-Keeping up with the kardashians on dvd and girls next door on dvd with holly kendra and bridgett. oh and in living color on dvd
-cosmetic train case, at least 15 inches.

- Minnetonka Women's Kilty Suede Moccasin (Size: 5.5 Color: Brown; can be found at Nordstrom, Finislhline or these various sites: or
- Sephora Gift Card
- Victoria's Secret Pink®UCLA fleece pant (Size: XS Color: Yellow)

1. long scarves, gloves, cute ear muffs
2. amex gift card, forever 21, urban.

potluck: wine

Nikki said...
1. American Apparel spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress (short sleeve not the long sleeve) in BLACK sz MEDIUM
2. GIFT CARDS to Urban, American Apparel, or Sephora
3. TOMS shoes (gold sz 5.5) last resort haha

1. Gas card,
2. Visa gift card,
3. Shoes 8.5,
4. Clothes,
5. Cell phone...
Shirt-medium, sweater-small, pants-29x30, hat-7 1/4

1.Vans black and white skate highs sz. 9 1/2
2.Gift card to best buy or target.
3.Hoodie sz.Large

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pound for Pound CHAMP...!

The biggest pay per view event history was made on saturday November 14,2009. Manny Pacquiao had defeated the heavy hitting Miguel Cotto from Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican fighter showed a lot of fire power during the first round. While on the other hand, Manny was blocking and being patient. As the second round intervene, Manny Pacquiao showed tons of offense. By the end of the second round, Manny had knocked down the WBO champion, Miguel Cotto. The fight lasted twelve rounds but, the referee stopped the fight.

Now, who's next? A rematch? The winner of Mosley-Berto fight? Or perhaps the flashy Floyd Mayweather Jr. It will not be easy to make the dream fight, Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather. The pound for pound match will be one of the richest fights off all time. It's not cheap to make that fight with ego's colliding. The Benjamins will have much to say in this fight.

But for now, Manny Pacquiao will rest and will sing karaoke to his fans. Oh wait, he already did that after the fight in an open concert at Mandalay Bay to his fans. Or maybe he will make a sequel to his new movie, which is flying soon to theaters or dvd, called "Wapak Man".

Pacquiao couldn't beat Miguel Cotto's heavy charged punched was just a myth..!

Friday, October 9, 2009


why did i watch paranormal activity? i guess i was really curious. the movie is pretty good even though the whole movie was shot in a hand held camera. people should watch this movie. furthermore, i got to see audrina patridge from the Hills, while watching this movie. to make it clearer, i saw her in the movie theater. she was wearing a a grey skinny jeans with black flats with a red flannel. at first you would not recognize her because of her new hair color. she's really gorgeous and short. she was a tiny bit taller than me (if you know how tall i am). very skinny and yet beautiful. i ended up going to 7-11 to buy a drink and buy her maxim magazine, which she was in the cover in the month of october. she drives a nice ass ride, a white mercedes benz g-wagon with no plate number in the back. how illegal.

eye candy:


Thursday, October 1, 2009

fame KILLED..!

just days after it was announced, the most anticipated tour that consist of Lady Gaga and Kanye West has been canceled. livenation, who sponsored the concert, will give the refunds back. both reps didn't have any comment why the show has been cancelled. tmz reported that the reason why the show was cancelled because of lack of tickets sales. some sources say that the two egos were just colliding behind the scenes. others say they didn't know who should get more of the cut. overall, im guessing his stunt over the VMA's is not over yet.

at least, i got to see Kanye West at Common and Friends Concert. thank god his ego didn't stop him for putting a dope ass set. thanks Kanye West. i know u have a heart.


Common and Friends

last weekend was probably the best weekend since well you know. i got invited (thanks Janice) to watch a concert. it was Common and Friends. the "Friends" was consisted of Nas, Ludacris, De LA Soul, The Roots and much more. at first i was kinda blah because i didnt want to pay for the concert. but then i found out it would only cost me 30 bucks (ended up paying 45 cuz of stupid fees). anyways, it was the mother load of mother loads of concert. not only Common and Friends perform, but we ended up watching Talib Kweli, Mos Def, MF Doom, Queen Latifah, and Kanye West. yes thats right ya'll, i said Kanye West. that fucker is legit. that concert was the festivities of all concert. im glad i went. thanks janice. you the best.

hope this video works (i was on the floor. this video is taken by someone else)

Kanye Surprise Guest @ Common Show in LA 9/26/09

his set. floor cam


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

loneliness is underrated...

(500) Days of Summer. what a great movie. good cast and story. music is phenomenally amazing. very soothing to your ears and the soundtrack to my life. i can relate to this movie, especially when Summer is acting "indifferent" to Tom. and yes, i do know what indifferent means. this movie is not about a love story, but a story about love..


Monday, September 14, 2009

Outrageous Moment...

as i wait for the performances and megan fox, something amazing happened at the VMA's.
when the michael jackson tribute just finished, i was thinking to myself "what can beat that moment?"
little did we know, kanye west just answered my prayers. kanye west made an unsuspected appearance and interrupted taylor swift's acceptance speech when she won the female video of the year. yeezy said that "Beyonce have one of the best videos of ALL TIME.!" an mtv representer said that kanye west was under the influence of Hennessy. we all know that wasn't the only kanye's outburst moment. he also interrupted Simian and Justice' acceptance speech during the European Video Awards. i guess kanye west likes all the attention. before the incident, we know little amount of taylor swift. but now, kanye west just made taylor swift 1000 times more popular. taylor swift should thank him for that matter. at the end, kanye west apologize via twitter. kanye will apologize to taylor swift the next day. good stuff...

also, green day called out mtv to play more music videos. nicely done.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

good music...

man im a fan of great music. so far my playlist is just kid cudi, mgmt, and jay z's blueprint 3 album
his benefit show on 9/11 is very promising. everyone should watch it and be mesmerize.
kid cudi's performance on david letterman is on point. good song and very creative, well his hand gestures was.

enjoi this videos and you'll thank me.


Kid Cudi-Pursuit of Happiness

Jay Z- Empire State of Mind

Friday, September 4, 2009


before everyone cops kid cudi's album and they become mainstream, ladies and gentlemen, MGMT.
one of the best bands thats out there right now. enjoi. thanks chloe for introducing me with this band.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Green Ranger is back....

thats right people. the green ranger is back. well not actually back in our favorite saturday morning tv show, power rangers. but, he's back and ready to fight in the octagon. Jason David Frank, who was once a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, is now trying to use his super powers to turn into a mixed martial artist. Frank may just turn into a great fighter, though it's doubtful considering that he is 35 and worried about signing a management team before trying to schedule a fight. But this just furthers the notion that MMA is a fad, and can be used as a publicity stunt for someone with a flailing career. Considering that Frank's last acting job was a 2007 direct-to-video film called, "The Junior Defenders," he clearly needs a career boost.
doesn't everyone need a career boost?


Ron Artest Singing...

as you know that Ron Artest in the newest Los Angeles Laker. While Artest holding down contest via twitter, he ended up singing Celine Dion on camera, via karaoke at a random Filipino household. as we all know how all Filipino's are exuberant with there karaoke skills. how did this come up you might ask. well, Ron Artest had a contest during friday, saturday, and sunday. whoever comes up with the most intersting thing to do, he will come visit them anywhere there are at. and the winner is....

(check this out. since it cant be post on other website, i gave out the link. copy and paste.)
hope you enjoi.

fyi, mila kunis looks amazing on "the tonight show with Conan O'Brien"
(since the new episode is not on youtube yet, i posted another one from Jimmy Kimmel. WOW..!)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leighton Meester...

why am i so obsessed with her? is it because of Gossip Girls? or is it that song she was in with Cobra Starship?
maybe thats it. that song, "Good Girls Gone Bad", is pretty catchy. just listen to it and you'll get hooked. i didnt even know Leighton Meester knows how to sing. i heard that she was going to release an album, but i didn't even know she know how to sing that good. she's a singer and beautiful. what a deadly combo. this song is sorta a scene song or hipster song or kiis fm song. just listen to it.



as the time flies, im almost done with my school work. with that said, internship is on the way. i've been doing intern my internship at Modern Health Pharmacy in Monrovia. decent pharmacy. it has a hospital feeling vibe. my trainer, who's showing me the pharmacy tech ropes, is pretty chill and helpful. during the first day i was nervous and scared. i didnt know shit when i came in there. as minutes turned into hours, i was getting the jizz of it. i was still asking questions, which was okay. i rather ask questions rather give out wrong medicine and get blood in my hand. ha ha. anyways, we all know a lot of women work in the health field. but damn, i didnt know they were that fine. im glad im working there 5 days a week. you know what that means? yes! i get to see them the whole week. =P


Monday, August 24, 2009

September 26, 2009

ladies and gentlemen. boys and girls. kids of all ages. megan fox is finally hosting Saturday Night Live on September 26 2009.
i guess we can say she finally made it huh.? great actors/actresses all had a chance to host SNL. now, megan fox got is in the elite club. not only she's hosting the show, she's actually hosting the premiere episode of the season. for all those people who doubted on megan fox, i laugh. you know who you are. but it was fun and memorable arguing about megan fox with you. (but that person is not even reading this so yea..) megan fox is also brushing up her comedy skills with funnyman andy samberg (actor from Hot Rod). there you have it. you read it first..!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Tunes...

new music to listen to.

Jay Z feat. Drake- Off That (**hot beat)
XV feat. Really Doe- G.O.O.D (**new artist from kanye west's camp)
Drake feat. Trey Songz- Number one Replacement
Ryan Leslie feat. Consequence- You're Not My Girl (**sounds like a Justin Timberlake beat)
David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi- Memories (**a lil bit of house beat)
Fabolous feat. Lil Wayne- Salute
The Ting Tings feat. Wale- That's Not My name Remix
Jojo- Forever in My Life
Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown- Drop it Low (**she sounds like lil mama but chris brown's verse is a killer..!)
Keri Hilson- Getcha Money Up Remix

oh yea, you're welcome

eye candy


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

whatever happened to....

as we all know its hard to find a good quality show on mtv these days. we all getting forced to watch reality shows and improper dating shows. i thought mtv stands for music television. but really, they don't even play music videos. what a shame. oh wait! forgive me, they do show music videos at 6am to 9am. but thats it! the youngsters cant even wake up that time. they're too busy sleeping in from last night's beer pong. for most people, we barely see a glimpse of it because we have to get ready for school or work in the morning. all im saying is why have a "VMA awards" if they don't even show music videos. they cancelled all the great shows such as TRL, Yo MTV raps, Say What Karaoke, and much more. the one show i really miss when i was young was "Lyricist Lounge Show". now thats a great show. we have comedy, sketch, freestyle, good cast, guest appearance and a performance.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your New Los Angeles Laker

starting at forward. standing at 6 ft 7 inches. from queens new york.
number 37. RON ARTEST...!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

you will always be remembered...

thank you for the wonderful music you've created.
thank you for the music that we dance to.
thank you for changing the music world.
thank you for revolutionizing dancing.
thank you for changing our lives.
thank you for being Michael Jackson....



"autobots, roll out!". that's what i did when the movie came out in theaters. i was very excited and on cloud nine. good movie. too lazy to write about the movie but all i can say is you gotta see it more than once and in IMAX. i heard that there are some deleted scenes that can only be scene in IMAX and not in regular theater. more robots and more action. more megan fox.

new robots:
-skid and mudflap (autobots)
-sideswipe (autobots)
-arcee (female autobots)
-jetfire (decepticons/autobots)
-the fallen (decepticons)
-devastator, also known as constructicons (decepticons)
-soundwave (deceticons)

eye candy:


life changing opportunities

in about, oh let's say at 4 pm pacific time, some 18-22 years old phenoms are about to be a millionaire. you know what im talking about, the NBA DRAFT 2009. yes it here and it's about to discombobulate the NBA world. with the Lakers winning the championship this season, NBA teams are quite hungry for that championship. teams are making moves to make their squad lethal and dominant. some teams are rebuilding and making moves to get the best player in the draft. we know the first pick will be playing in Staple Center this year, the Los Angeles Clippers. Blake Griffin from oklahoma state is a highly fluid and coordinated power forward with great strength and body control. he can create his shot impressively facing the basket and has no problem playing inside. explosive finishing around the rim. dominated the college basketball in impressive fashion and is considered the number one pick. very entertaining and plays like Amare Stoudemire.

some notable:
-Hasheem Thabeet, a 7-3 big man from UCONN, with outstanding physical tools, good frame and wingspan. he's also a mobile center who can run the court.
-Ricky Rubio, the most hype point guard from Spain. the kid is only 18 with the skills of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli. runs a team with savvy point guard skills, outstanding court vision, and really understand the nuances of the pick and roll.
- Stephen Curry. the son of del curry. 6-3 point guard from Davidson. incredible shooter/ scorer, likes to explode to the court. the only player i think thats ready to play in the NBA.
-Brandon Jennings. 6-1 point guard from Lottomatica Roma. a flamboyant and talented point guard who skipped college and decided to play in Europe to get that mula. very athletic with a wide array of moves.
-Jeff Teague. late bloomer from Wake Forest. another point guard that has an instinct like monta ellis. aggresive and confident player. has a great tools defensively.
-Johnny Flynn. another point guard from Syracuse. very clutch, unselfish, fast tempo, dedicated player. excellent ball handling skills. played numerous minutes during the NCAA tournament.

-Terrence Williams (SG Louisville. Trevor Ariza type of player)
-Eric Maynor (PG VCU. Derek Fisher type of player)
-Sam Young (SF Pittsburgh. Joey Graham type of player)
-DeJuan Blair (PF Pittsburgh. Elton Brand type of player)

their lives are about to change once their name is called by the NBA commissioner, David Stern. with the rookie contracts and guaranteed money if drafted in the first round. also, lets not forget about the endorsement from Nike, Addidas, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Converse, etc. that they make "x" more amount of millions. geesh. i wished i played ball during high school. oh wait, i'm short and i got cut and played golf instead. it's alright. at least i was top two in my squad and all city during 2004.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why summer is getting hotter and hotter...

as hours turn into days, we're so close to june 24 2009. though it's not my actual birthday, but it will sure feels like it when june 24 is here. im talking about Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen comes to theaters and IMAX. anyone else feels excited? am i the only one? im sure im not the only one out there who's very excited. yes there will be more autobots and decepticons robots and more bang for your buck, but we actually see the talented megan fox in action. sure i've seen "Transformers" and "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" a million times. i mean come on, she's beautiful and talented. since the movie is around the corner, megan fox is hitting the front page of a magazines. for example, she on the cover of "Esquire" and "Elle" magazine. the articles were up to par. the pictures are exquisite. gosh what would i do if i ever meet her? ha ha. i would just take a picture with her and make that moment into a memory. cheesy. what can i say, she's a diamond in a rough. since transformers originated from japan, japan actually got to see the film first. so who's down to watch it with me at arclight in hollywood on tuesday, june 23? im paying and you pay for popcorn and soda pop. till then, "autobots, transform!"


Monday, June 1, 2009


picture explains it all
Lets go Lakers. Lets win that championship.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


im bored in class and i've been watching old nike basketball commercials.

so, who remember these commercials.?

roswell rayguns.

nike freestyle

jordan and spike lee "mars" commercial

more to come. my battery is dying.
all videos are not mine. got them from youtube.
don't sue me. ha ha


help wanted: rebounders and bench players. the los angeles lakers need some help right now. as you can all see, the lakers are lacking with rebounders and bench players. we used to have a dominant power forward and center. we also used to have a "bench mob". but now all of that is gone. i don't know what's going on but the lakers need to get their shit together and beat the nuggets. the los angeles lakers are the best team in the nba. they just need to stop denver's bench and their offensive rebounds. the lakers need to play hard and the so called "bench mob" need to score some points. overall, the lakers doesn't need to be blown out nor get beat. they need to win to tonight and get their swag back. 

on the lighter note, check this out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty...

on a monday afternoon, being random and stuff, me and team "shaa" spent the afternoon eating in a local pizzeria in eagle rock called brownstone. good food and good vibe at that place. check it out when you can. anyways, i wanted to do something different that afternoon. i told the homies that i want to watch star trek. at first i wanted to watch the movie in a non-commercialized movie theater. little did i know, the movie theater was cheap and dirty. i was told the movie theater admission price was only $3. compare to AMC or other movie theater that jack up the movie price to $11 a pop. we ended up watching it at burbank AMC. as the economy hurting our pockets, we were thinking about sneaking in the movies. but then again, the movie theater is not poppin' during the afternoon. it would be too obvious to sneak in. arrived early to secure some good seats. as the time ticks closer to the show time, it started to get crowded. luckily we got there early. 

one of my favorite part watching a movie in theaters are the previews. and yes, i got to see G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 preview. megan fox with bike shorts..! hot damn..! she's on point for sure. 

i was kind of iffy watching star trek because im more into star wars. never seen one episode of star trek nor the old movies. the new star trek is a new movie. you actually do not need to know any of the old stuff. i was surprise with the movie. it was great and amazing from the start. i think this new star trek is starting to attract the new generations. but im still going to be loyal to star wars. thanks george lucas for making me a nerd. 

Eye Spy Check List:
- Cal State Northride library (actually filmed that winter break of 07. i was there and saw some props on location)
- Harold and Kumar reunion. (kumar was in the movie for a quick second)
- Hikaru Sulu's fight scene (he mistook "fencing" for being a ninja)
- She-Hulk. ha ha. that was funny. i thought she was a regular human in the movie trailer


Monday, May 4, 2009

Pound for Pound King

the picture says it all. bring on floyd mayweather jr. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

x-men origins: wolverine

its that time of the year again when geeks comes out of their room and watched movies. thats right, x-men origins: wolverine is here. millions of nerds, i mean movie goers, stood in line and watched the prequel of  the x men series. although it was leaked via internet, i still supported and watched it on the opening week. i was kinda iffy watching it this weekend because there were other things to watch or do. the pound for pound king, manny pacquiao, had his bout against ricky hatton on may 2. furthermore, the celtics and the bulls played their crucial and intense game 7 on may 2. luckily, pacquiao beat the shit (pardon my language) out of ricky hatton on the second round. who would have know tko in the 2nd round. i thought it would be a good boxing match but it was ok. ricky hatton was the "italian stallion" (watch hbo's 24/7 to get that drift) and now he got his earth shook with a left hand by manny. what a great match. brutal punch from the pound for pound king. bring on mayweather jr. 

getting back on track, it was a decent movie. a lot of characters and good cameos. 
for example:
agent zero= maverick
kayla silverfox= silver fox
emma frost= white queen
remy lebeau= gambit
Mutants from the prison/cage scene: i saw banshee (mutant with the mouth covered), quicksilver (mutant that was fast), toad (mutant licking his tongue), and perhaps omega red (mutant hanging from ropes or what not). the story was awful once again. hollywood always trying to spice everything up. i mean kayla silverfox and emma frost were not sisters in the comic book. in addition, deadpool didn't have laser beams at all. wade wilson or deadpool had cancer and weapon x facilities helped him cure the cancer by injecting logan's blood therefore wade wilson can rejuvenate like logan. the movie didnt need cyclops/ scott summers. at least you can tell he hooks up with emma frost/ white queen before he hooks up with jean grey. special effects were shitty at one point. especially the bathroom scene where logan took his claws out and played with it. or when logan jumped out of gambit's airplane, didnt that looked like a saturday morning cartoon to you? it did to me. after the credits, i saw wolverine in a bar talking to a japanese bartender. i wish i could have seen the other scene, when deadpool lives. the movie had two extra endings after the credits. the movie company wants you to see it twice and find the other extra ending credits. i heard different movie theaters got different endings.

to top it off, a kid kept talking the whole time during the movie. i didn't know i was watching the movie with the director. i felt like i was watching the movie with a commentator. at least i dont need to buy the dvd in the future because i heard his point of view during the movies. geesh. doesnt the boy's parents tell him to shut the fuck up? it was  good laugh for me during the beginning but towards the end, i was getting annoyed. 

in conclusion, megan fox is fucking hot. did u see her wearing them short shorts? i can wait for transformers 2. can i tell you the spoilers already..?


Monday, April 27, 2009

Holy Fu.....

megan fox, the hottest female alive and one of the best actresses out there in the entertainment industry, is making a new movie called Jonah Hex. the movie will be release by Warner Brothers on August 6, 2010.the Jimmy Hayward-directed action-adventure co-stars Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Will Arnett and Michael Shannon. Hex, known for having the right side of his face disfigured and wearing a Confederate army uniform, was a rough-and-tumble gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter whose adventures always ended in blood.

here are some eye candy..


Sunday, April 26, 2009

happiest place on earth.

today was suppose to be a vacation day. i spent my day at disney's california adventure. but before that happen, brad, jan, and i have to meet up jeanelle's family at monterey park to grab some lunch. at first i was embarrassed, but then jan told me that it was for free and you know im always down for that free.99 lunch. how many things can you get for free when economic hardship is hurting our pockets and nation. this restaurant we ate at was interesting. it was an asian restaurant but you don't get to order food. instead, they bring food on a cart. if you like it, you grab it. it was good and got me full all at the same time. i devour the dimsum (i think that's what its called). it was delish. If you get bored easily then go get a cup of beverage and a doughnut before continuing to read.

as the day turn into the afternoon, all four of us, including jeanelle, head out to the happiest place on earth; disneyland. i was excited. i haven't used my annual pass since march 22nd. im happy that im not wasting $175 worth of annual pass. we decided to go to california. our first ride was toy story. the line was brutally long. we ended up falling in line for the "single riders". it was worth it because we only waited for 15 minutes instead of an hour. time consumed accomplished. the ride is a bundle of fun. you get to shoot stuff, wear 3-d glasses, and pull a cord like your jerking yourself. i think this ride is sexist. the females tend to get low scores. in the other hand, the males always dominate. i ended up scoring 145,600 with 36% accuracy. pretty bad but i was the 2nd highest score.

moving on, we rode the california screamin'. short wait equals dope. me and jeanelle bought an ice cream cone before we went in line. the ice cream looked beautiful. i didn't want to eat it. ha ha. ate it within a ten minute span. i forgot how roller coaster feels again. it was fun and it tickles your stomach all at the same time. brad and jan was crying towards the end. the picture for the ride came out tight and funny. next up, eating time.

everyone bought food except for me. i was smart enough to bring my own food and drink to the park. don't get me wrong, the pizza they were eating looked amazing. wouldn't pay that much for a slice of pizza. and plus, the economy is brutally hurting my pocket. i hate it. i need money. it sucks so bad. i ended up bringing bread (pandesal [spell check] with hot dog inside.) it was aight.

muholland drive is the next ride we rode. that ride is pretty tricky. it looks small and weak but there was one part on the ride when it dipped and you could feel your stomach acting up. fun but kiddy ride. as the sun starting to set, we went to tower of terrors. sort of a long wait. but ended up seeing some eagle rock heads, carlo and brandy. thats tight. i found some hidden mickeys at tower of terror. i also forgot how the ride went. i was scared of the ride but when it ended, i conquered it and moved on. that was the last ride we rode. it was getting cold and dark. we started to walk to our car but forgot how far it was, we didn't park on mickey and friends parking lot nor the timon and pumba parking lot. we ended up parking at downtown disney's parking lot. hella far. my feet starting to hurt. not cool at all. since it was expensive to eat inside the park, we tend to eat somewhere else. i ended up going home while they ate at hooters in burbank. i felt sick on the way home for some reason. dont know the cause of it but i wanted to throw up. weak.

i was kinda blah at california adventures. it was suppose to be one of the happiest place on earth but i was thinking of someone else. i just kept thinking how me and this girl always go to disneyland and california adventures together. since we're blah now and probably not going back there with her anymore, i know for a fact im going to miss it. i know i missed her a lot today. i just wished we talk and work our problems out. but she's out and partying all the time, she wouldnt have time for me. i wonder if she even think about me or what not. i hate this feeling. fuck. i wished i can get some answers. i thought today would make me forget about her and move on, but nope. i didnt accomplished that. i want to move on but its easier said than done. help me.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

there are plenty of fishes in the sea, but she's the one for me..

this is how you know that dating someone is not like the kind you read about in fairytales, or watch in movies, or even read in fiction novels, there seems to always be an underlying theme of love that makes the story more humanistic than not. but you know that this idealism of true love is the kind that you were brought up to understand and expect from another, not how it actually is in real life. i know this to be true when say, the girl you've liked and care for x amount of months, who supposedly likes you back and treats you like her boyfriend but just can't stop lying to you. i know we argue and such but we wouldn't been arguing if there was no reason to argue. its hard for me to trust her after what she did last year. its hard for me to trust her when her co-worker always calls you every night and try to get at you when he know your dating someone. i know i always tend to start the argument but she's the one who triggers it from me. i know i accept all my faults. i wouldn't argue with her if there was no reason too. fucks up dearly, the last argument we had, she wanted alone time with her friends or space, and now she doesn't even want me. and the only thing she can say is 'i over slept and i've been home, fell asleep early' but in reality she was out and smoking, partying and avoiding my phone calls. and even when you succumb to weakness and beg her to have a talk and honesty, she seems to avoid the talk all the time giving me excuses and say she will call back. once again i was left in the cold, with uncertainty and no answers. history repeated itself. i know she found someone already and played me like a fool. oh well.

i just hope she knows what she wants with her life. i don't think i want to settle with her lifestyle. thank you for everything. for sure i won't forget about her. i want to BELIEVE that we aren't meant to be over yet. and thats why she can still make me smile. perhaps the day that she can no longer make me smile and laugh is the day that i'll be ready to move on. but not yet. not when she's still the one that i like you with all my heart. but that only happens in fairytales and what not.

i pray for honesty and devotion.

im sleepy.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Boys and Girls with short hair

wow. thats all i have to say. keone and mariel, you inspire many dancers and you evolve the hip hop dance community. it will never be the same. amazing video, especially "maps". sick ass set..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

los angeles lakers

lakers are 2-0 against the jazz.
come on boys. lets get it.

*not my video. i found it on youtube. i wished i went to the game.
miami heat 1-1 against the hawks. fyi


belly dancers

have you seen a belly dancers before? i mean, have you seen belly dancers in an 18th bday party? i was shocked. i went with liz to her family party for her cousin's 18th bday. it was fun until liz and her mom wanted me to sing karaoke on xbox 360. i didnt want to but i ended up singing bon jovi's "living on a prayer". dope song. anyways, steven, liz's cousin, got a surprise from his parents, belly dancers. i was shocked because it was a family party. the belly dancers were pretty. not to be homosexual, i was looking at the guys in the room more than the belly dancers. i wanted to see their reactions from the belly dancers. some were serious, some were funny, some had a "yea i want that" look. their reactions got boring so i ended up watching the belly dancers. liz's made me go up and dance with them. i was kinda uncomfortable because i didnt know what to do. very interesting. now i want belly dancers on my wedding.



why must i have to go to a club.? i try to stay away but its an important event. my homie, pierre, is turning 2xth bday. he's celebrating it at club ritual in hollywood. pretty interesting night because we were in the club for only an hour max. bday boy throw up outside the club and he was gone. at least it was free.99. no way in hell im paying for clubs, thanks mindsex entertainment and kuya rich. getting back on track, me and my homies bought pierre a shot of 151 just when we got inside the club. sooner or later, you can see pierre "jerking" by himself. if you don't know what "jerking" means by now you must have been living under a rock or your not cool at all. ha ha.

"my name is pierre and im celebrating my birthday. im drunk and gone with one shot of 151."

me x justin x james x pierre

me x james x pierre

that's what you get for getting drunk.

nice head..

anyways. me and liz were suppose to roll together but ended up going to my thing and she went to J Lounge for her friends bday. at the end, i got to see her. looking good babe. ;)


Monday, April 13, 2009

foolish guy trying to make a commotion..

as the morning turn into afternoon, my homies and i have the routinely monday night basketball at st. dominics. perfect time to play some ball. 5 on 5, full court game was playing as i arrived late. luckily i didn't have to wait that long to play the next game. i got next along with my homie ej, his co-worker, mel, and 2 dudes. we lost but the other team cheated cuz they have a point guard that has 3 arms and four legs. this fool aj, he's too sick with the rock. left hand lay-up is cake to him. furthermore, as the afternoon turn into night, new fools came to our spot and wanted to play. they came with massive people with import cars and shit. it almost looked like a car meet. anyways, they got next. me and some homies sat out and just wanted to speculate on the sidelines. our team, my homies, were pretty decent out there. they played some fools that yay high and some what alright. pretty intense game just got very interesting. the other team set up a nasty pick on some dude on our squad and that dude on our squad started to bleed in his mouth. he fell and the dude that set up the pick was talking mad shit. he wanted to kick his ass on the floor. luckily, justin saw it first and he ran and stood up to the guy. the other guy was asking for it. my homie justin aint that tall but he's down. the other fool was quite tall for justin. but he did not back down. anyways, everyone got up and started a commotion. luckily no punches had been thrown just yet. since the guy was bleeding, he had to sit out. my homie aj played for him. when he was "boxing out", the same guy who set up the pick started to mess with aj. the other fool swung but he missed. aj jumped and he landed a mean right hand on his cheek. we had to stop the commotion cuz we were at church and we always play there. those fools are newbies to that court. interesting shit happened when you watch ball.

i got to see liz today after her class. but we couldn't hung out for long cuz she had to go to work. she was off but she was covering someone's shift. lame but more money in her pocket.

my favorite show was on today, heroes. i feel like im losing interest with that show. it's kind of getting boring. but i still try to watch it.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter/ first blog..

trying this out.

anyways. i woke up today at like 10am to get ready for church. as soon as i got ready, i left for church. parking was bad. church was packed because it was easter sunday, therefore i had to stand up. i found a spot and some lady was trying to claim my spot. she kept squishing her way in my spot. i was like "oh no way lady, this is my spot". church was long but interesting. some old man fainted in the pews during communion. paramedics came but the mass still had to go on. everybody was rubber necking. that made it even more chaotic. got home from church and father's friends came over and had lunch. i would call it a family party i guess. anyways, didnt really mingle because i was tired from saturday. i went to cal state northridge's pcn. liz performed and she did an amazing job. i was rooting for her the whole time. i even made a cut out of her face. it's like a size of a poster. it was comical and unique at the sametime. she loved it. i was proud of my baby. back to the point. after i defecated my lunch, i took a long nap. i woke up and watched the lakers murder the grizzlies. man o man, i can smell the playoffs in the air. its coming..

where will the drama happen this year..?