Monday, April 13, 2009

foolish guy trying to make a commotion..

as the morning turn into afternoon, my homies and i have the routinely monday night basketball at st. dominics. perfect time to play some ball. 5 on 5, full court game was playing as i arrived late. luckily i didn't have to wait that long to play the next game. i got next along with my homie ej, his co-worker, mel, and 2 dudes. we lost but the other team cheated cuz they have a point guard that has 3 arms and four legs. this fool aj, he's too sick with the rock. left hand lay-up is cake to him. furthermore, as the afternoon turn into night, new fools came to our spot and wanted to play. they came with massive people with import cars and shit. it almost looked like a car meet. anyways, they got next. me and some homies sat out and just wanted to speculate on the sidelines. our team, my homies, were pretty decent out there. they played some fools that yay high and some what alright. pretty intense game just got very interesting. the other team set up a nasty pick on some dude on our squad and that dude on our squad started to bleed in his mouth. he fell and the dude that set up the pick was talking mad shit. he wanted to kick his ass on the floor. luckily, justin saw it first and he ran and stood up to the guy. the other guy was asking for it. my homie justin aint that tall but he's down. the other fool was quite tall for justin. but he did not back down. anyways, everyone got up and started a commotion. luckily no punches had been thrown just yet. since the guy was bleeding, he had to sit out. my homie aj played for him. when he was "boxing out", the same guy who set up the pick started to mess with aj. the other fool swung but he missed. aj jumped and he landed a mean right hand on his cheek. we had to stop the commotion cuz we were at church and we always play there. those fools are newbies to that court. interesting shit happened when you watch ball.

i got to see liz today after her class. but we couldn't hung out for long cuz she had to go to work. she was off but she was covering someone's shift. lame but more money in her pocket.

my favorite show was on today, heroes. i feel like im losing interest with that show. it's kind of getting boring. but i still try to watch it.


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