Wednesday, April 22, 2009

belly dancers

have you seen a belly dancers before? i mean, have you seen belly dancers in an 18th bday party? i was shocked. i went with liz to her family party for her cousin's 18th bday. it was fun until liz and her mom wanted me to sing karaoke on xbox 360. i didnt want to but i ended up singing bon jovi's "living on a prayer". dope song. anyways, steven, liz's cousin, got a surprise from his parents, belly dancers. i was shocked because it was a family party. the belly dancers were pretty. not to be homosexual, i was looking at the guys in the room more than the belly dancers. i wanted to see their reactions from the belly dancers. some were serious, some were funny, some had a "yea i want that" look. their reactions got boring so i ended up watching the belly dancers. liz's made me go up and dance with them. i was kinda uncomfortable because i didnt know what to do. very interesting. now i want belly dancers on my wedding.


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