Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter/ first blog..

trying this out.

anyways. i woke up today at like 10am to get ready for church. as soon as i got ready, i left for church. parking was bad. church was packed because it was easter sunday, therefore i had to stand up. i found a spot and some lady was trying to claim my spot. she kept squishing her way in my spot. i was like "oh no way lady, this is my spot". church was long but interesting. some old man fainted in the pews during communion. paramedics came but the mass still had to go on. everybody was rubber necking. that made it even more chaotic. got home from church and father's friends came over and had lunch. i would call it a family party i guess. anyways, didnt really mingle because i was tired from saturday. i went to cal state northridge's pcn. liz performed and she did an amazing job. i was rooting for her the whole time. i even made a cut out of her face. it's like a size of a poster. it was comical and unique at the sametime. she loved it. i was proud of my baby. back to the point. after i defecated my lunch, i took a long nap. i woke up and watched the lakers murder the grizzlies. man o man, i can smell the playoffs in the air. its coming..

where will the drama happen this year..?


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