Sunday, April 26, 2009

happiest place on earth.

today was suppose to be a vacation day. i spent my day at disney's california adventure. but before that happen, brad, jan, and i have to meet up jeanelle's family at monterey park to grab some lunch. at first i was embarrassed, but then jan told me that it was for free and you know im always down for that free.99 lunch. how many things can you get for free when economic hardship is hurting our pockets and nation. this restaurant we ate at was interesting. it was an asian restaurant but you don't get to order food. instead, they bring food on a cart. if you like it, you grab it. it was good and got me full all at the same time. i devour the dimsum (i think that's what its called). it was delish. If you get bored easily then go get a cup of beverage and a doughnut before continuing to read.

as the day turn into the afternoon, all four of us, including jeanelle, head out to the happiest place on earth; disneyland. i was excited. i haven't used my annual pass since march 22nd. im happy that im not wasting $175 worth of annual pass. we decided to go to california. our first ride was toy story. the line was brutally long. we ended up falling in line for the "single riders". it was worth it because we only waited for 15 minutes instead of an hour. time consumed accomplished. the ride is a bundle of fun. you get to shoot stuff, wear 3-d glasses, and pull a cord like your jerking yourself. i think this ride is sexist. the females tend to get low scores. in the other hand, the males always dominate. i ended up scoring 145,600 with 36% accuracy. pretty bad but i was the 2nd highest score.

moving on, we rode the california screamin'. short wait equals dope. me and jeanelle bought an ice cream cone before we went in line. the ice cream looked beautiful. i didn't want to eat it. ha ha. ate it within a ten minute span. i forgot how roller coaster feels again. it was fun and it tickles your stomach all at the same time. brad and jan was crying towards the end. the picture for the ride came out tight and funny. next up, eating time.

everyone bought food except for me. i was smart enough to bring my own food and drink to the park. don't get me wrong, the pizza they were eating looked amazing. wouldn't pay that much for a slice of pizza. and plus, the economy is brutally hurting my pocket. i hate it. i need money. it sucks so bad. i ended up bringing bread (pandesal [spell check] with hot dog inside.) it was aight.

muholland drive is the next ride we rode. that ride is pretty tricky. it looks small and weak but there was one part on the ride when it dipped and you could feel your stomach acting up. fun but kiddy ride. as the sun starting to set, we went to tower of terrors. sort of a long wait. but ended up seeing some eagle rock heads, carlo and brandy. thats tight. i found some hidden mickeys at tower of terror. i also forgot how the ride went. i was scared of the ride but when it ended, i conquered it and moved on. that was the last ride we rode. it was getting cold and dark. we started to walk to our car but forgot how far it was, we didn't park on mickey and friends parking lot nor the timon and pumba parking lot. we ended up parking at downtown disney's parking lot. hella far. my feet starting to hurt. not cool at all. since it was expensive to eat inside the park, we tend to eat somewhere else. i ended up going home while they ate at hooters in burbank. i felt sick on the way home for some reason. dont know the cause of it but i wanted to throw up. weak.

i was kinda blah at california adventures. it was suppose to be one of the happiest place on earth but i was thinking of someone else. i just kept thinking how me and this girl always go to disneyland and california adventures together. since we're blah now and probably not going back there with her anymore, i know for a fact im going to miss it. i know i missed her a lot today. i just wished we talk and work our problems out. but she's out and partying all the time, she wouldnt have time for me. i wonder if she even think about me or what not. i hate this feeling. fuck. i wished i can get some answers. i thought today would make me forget about her and move on, but nope. i didnt accomplished that. i want to move on but its easier said than done. help me.


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