Wednesday, August 5, 2009

whatever happened to....

as we all know its hard to find a good quality show on mtv these days. we all getting forced to watch reality shows and improper dating shows. i thought mtv stands for music television. but really, they don't even play music videos. what a shame. oh wait! forgive me, they do show music videos at 6am to 9am. but thats it! the youngsters cant even wake up that time. they're too busy sleeping in from last night's beer pong. for most people, we barely see a glimpse of it because we have to get ready for school or work in the morning. all im saying is why have a "VMA awards" if they don't even show music videos. they cancelled all the great shows such as TRL, Yo MTV raps, Say What Karaoke, and much more. the one show i really miss when i was young was "Lyricist Lounge Show". now thats a great show. we have comedy, sketch, freestyle, good cast, guest appearance and a performance.


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  1. you're so right MTV did change for a totally diff channel. but the reality is that now people all they care about is making money. so if "reality shows" brings in the ratinga. thats what works. but it sucks. it totally does.