Tuesday, September 1, 2009


as the time flies, im almost done with my school work. with that said, internship is on the way. i've been doing intern my internship at Modern Health Pharmacy in Monrovia. decent pharmacy. it has a hospital feeling vibe. my trainer, who's showing me the pharmacy tech ropes, is pretty chill and helpful. during the first day i was nervous and scared. i didnt know shit when i came in there. as minutes turned into hours, i was getting the jizz of it. i was still asking questions, which was okay. i rather ask questions rather give out wrong medicine and get blood in my hand. ha ha. anyways, we all know a lot of women work in the health field. but damn, i didnt know they were that fine. im glad im working there 5 days a week. you know what that means? yes! i get to see them the whole week. =P


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