Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ron Artest Singing...

as you know that Ron Artest in the newest Los Angeles Laker. While Artest holding down contest via twitter, he ended up singing Celine Dion on camera, via karaoke at a random Filipino household. as we all know how all Filipino's are exuberant with there karaoke skills. how did this come up you might ask. well, Ron Artest had a contest during friday, saturday, and sunday. whoever comes up with the most intersting thing to do, he will come visit them anywhere there are at. and the winner is....

(check this out. since it cant be post on other website, i gave out the link. copy and paste.)
hope you enjoi.

fyi, mila kunis looks amazing on "the tonight show with Conan O'Brien"
(since the new episode is not on youtube yet, i posted another one from Jimmy Kimmel. WOW..!)


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