Friday, May 22, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty...

on a monday afternoon, being random and stuff, me and team "shaa" spent the afternoon eating in a local pizzeria in eagle rock called brownstone. good food and good vibe at that place. check it out when you can. anyways, i wanted to do something different that afternoon. i told the homies that i want to watch star trek. at first i wanted to watch the movie in a non-commercialized movie theater. little did i know, the movie theater was cheap and dirty. i was told the movie theater admission price was only $3. compare to AMC or other movie theater that jack up the movie price to $11 a pop. we ended up watching it at burbank AMC. as the economy hurting our pockets, we were thinking about sneaking in the movies. but then again, the movie theater is not poppin' during the afternoon. it would be too obvious to sneak in. arrived early to secure some good seats. as the time ticks closer to the show time, it started to get crowded. luckily we got there early. 

one of my favorite part watching a movie in theaters are the previews. and yes, i got to see G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 preview. megan fox with bike shorts..! hot damn..! she's on point for sure. 

i was kind of iffy watching star trek because im more into star wars. never seen one episode of star trek nor the old movies. the new star trek is a new movie. you actually do not need to know any of the old stuff. i was surprise with the movie. it was great and amazing from the start. i think this new star trek is starting to attract the new generations. but im still going to be loyal to star wars. thanks george lucas for making me a nerd. 

Eye Spy Check List:
- Cal State Northride library (actually filmed that winter break of 07. i was there and saw some props on location)
- Harold and Kumar reunion. (kumar was in the movie for a quick second)
- Hikaru Sulu's fight scene (he mistook "fencing" for being a ninja)
- She-Hulk. ha ha. that was funny. i thought she was a regular human in the movie trailer


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