Sunday, May 3, 2009

x-men origins: wolverine

its that time of the year again when geeks comes out of their room and watched movies. thats right, x-men origins: wolverine is here. millions of nerds, i mean movie goers, stood in line and watched the prequel of  the x men series. although it was leaked via internet, i still supported and watched it on the opening week. i was kinda iffy watching it this weekend because there were other things to watch or do. the pound for pound king, manny pacquiao, had his bout against ricky hatton on may 2. furthermore, the celtics and the bulls played their crucial and intense game 7 on may 2. luckily, pacquiao beat the shit (pardon my language) out of ricky hatton on the second round. who would have know tko in the 2nd round. i thought it would be a good boxing match but it was ok. ricky hatton was the "italian stallion" (watch hbo's 24/7 to get that drift) and now he got his earth shook with a left hand by manny. what a great match. brutal punch from the pound for pound king. bring on mayweather jr. 

getting back on track, it was a decent movie. a lot of characters and good cameos. 
for example:
agent zero= maverick
kayla silverfox= silver fox
emma frost= white queen
remy lebeau= gambit
Mutants from the prison/cage scene: i saw banshee (mutant with the mouth covered), quicksilver (mutant that was fast), toad (mutant licking his tongue), and perhaps omega red (mutant hanging from ropes or what not). the story was awful once again. hollywood always trying to spice everything up. i mean kayla silverfox and emma frost were not sisters in the comic book. in addition, deadpool didn't have laser beams at all. wade wilson or deadpool had cancer and weapon x facilities helped him cure the cancer by injecting logan's blood therefore wade wilson can rejuvenate like logan. the movie didnt need cyclops/ scott summers. at least you can tell he hooks up with emma frost/ white queen before he hooks up with jean grey. special effects were shitty at one point. especially the bathroom scene where logan took his claws out and played with it. or when logan jumped out of gambit's airplane, didnt that looked like a saturday morning cartoon to you? it did to me. after the credits, i saw wolverine in a bar talking to a japanese bartender. i wish i could have seen the other scene, when deadpool lives. the movie had two extra endings after the credits. the movie company wants you to see it twice and find the other extra ending credits. i heard different movie theaters got different endings.

to top it off, a kid kept talking the whole time during the movie. i didn't know i was watching the movie with the director. i felt like i was watching the movie with a commentator. at least i dont need to buy the dvd in the future because i heard his point of view during the movies. geesh. doesnt the boy's parents tell him to shut the fuck up? it was  good laugh for me during the beginning but towards the end, i was getting annoyed. 

in conclusion, megan fox is fucking hot. did u see her wearing them short shorts? i can wait for transformers 2. can i tell you the spoilers already..?


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